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Learning About Rosh Hashana

Week 2 Sep 7-11

Learning about holidays can be so much fun! Our classrooms have been filled with provocations to ignite and invite interest. There are so many ways to create! We used clay, paint and even apples in our play!

Sometimes holding paint brushes can be hard but we can use apples to paint with too!

We’ve had a wonderful week learning about Rosh Hashana! We know that the Shofar makes 3 different sounds, Tekiah, Teruah, & Shevarim. We know the Shofar's sounds are so loud! They wake us up to do mitzvot.

We know we eat apples and honey for a sweet new year! We learned about how amazing bees are at making us honey!

We have been preparing a Rosh Hashana card inspired by the bees honeycomb. We are working with clay to create honey dishes to look like little bees as well. The children loved wetting their hands and exploring the sensation of real clay in their hands.

We made play-dough so we could stack our apples high, just like in our favorite book "Ten Apples Up on Top". We had so much fun making our own play-dough and we even got to make it smell like apples!

Not only did we play with apples, we got to taste them too! They were so sweet but even sweeter in honey!

During Rosh Hashana we dip the apples in the honey. We tried lot's of different kinds of apples to see which ones tasted bitter and which ones tasted sweet. We even dipped them in honey and it was so yummy!

We have been singing many Rosh Hashana songs!

“The Apple in the honey goes dip dip dip.

The shofar in the shul goes toot toot toot.

On Rosh Hashana.”

“Dip the (Tapuach) apple in the (Dvash) honey make a Bracha loud and clear la shana tova umetuka have a happy sweet new year!”

“Tapuchim u dvash, Le Rosh Hashanah, (2x) Shana tova, metukah!”

We have had lot's of fun exploring outdoor play. The children love the slide, but it's even more fun with friends. It feels so good to take a break from working on our fine motor skills in the classroom, and using our gross motor skills to climb, jump and play!

Words of the Week

Tekiah, teruah, Shevarim





Ask your child

Why do we eat apples and honey on Rosh Hashana?

What sounds does the shofar make?

What do bees make for us?


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