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Learning About Creation Days 5 & 6

We all had such a great week finishing up our unit on Creation!

Day 5

We enjoyed so many provocations as we learned about Day 5 of creation. We know that Day 5 is when Hashem created the fish and the birds.

We explored water play with our ocean creatures. We got a little wet but we had a blast!

We created nests for our birds using twigs, paper, feathers and anything else we could find. Just like birds do!

We even made artwork out of fish scales and bird feathers. It turned out so beautifully!

Day 6

Day 6 is when Hashem created the animals and He created Adam and Chava.

Unlike fish and birds, we discussed animals with legs roaming on the dry land.

We matched animals to their sounds, looked into different types of animals and discussed their habitats.

We know Hashem created Adam as the first man and Chava as the first woman. We practiced putting faces on the people.

(select arrows to view slideshow)

We created our own spectacular spoon people. We drew faces and customized creative clothing.


We know Hashem created the world in six days and on the seventh day He rested which is why we rest on Shabbat.

Back to School Night

We were so excited to welcome you all to our school and enjoyed telling you more about all the fun things we have been doing. We loved reading all of your notes in class and displaying our photos.

Words of the Week:





Ask Your Child:

How many days did it take Hashem to create the world?

What was created on Days 5 and 6?

What did Hashem do when He finished creating the world?

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