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Joy, Cheer and Happiness!

Purim is in the month of Adar and it is the happiest time of year! In BJP, we have been singing Purim songs with puppets, dancing to Purim tunes and learning all about the story of Esther’s bravery!

We have been enjoying getting into the spirit of the holiday by making our own little wooden puppets to retell the story.

We have been painting and stringing graggers to shake while we say boo to Haman!

We have been cutting and preparing our mini Shushan town backdrops as our puppet theatre.

We have been creating costumes, squishing hamantaschen clay, and decorating our Mishloach Manot gift bags to carry our treasures!

We are looking forward to 3 days more of Purim fun next week and a very special Pony coming to BJP!

Shabbat Shalom!

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