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It’s finally Pesach!

The house is clean, the chametz is removed, and we are ready to crunch and make some Matzah crumbs!

We all enjoyed having a model Seder in our classrooms this week. We dipped the Karpas into salt water and tasted the yummy Charoset.

We searched for the Afikomen, and had a blast playing hot and cold to find it.

We are ready to sing all of the songs inside our Haggadah! We’ve been practicing all month!

We hope you enjoy the holiday with all your handmade Seder originals. We decorated Passover bags to contain all of our creations. Seder plates, items to go on the Seder plate, kiddush cups, matzo bags, and of course our one of a kind Haggadah!

We hope you enjoy your Passover holiday and have a wonderful spring break. We look forward to coming back to school with lots of stories to share.

We also want to wish a very happy birthday to Rivka Shira! We loved celebrating with you!

Words of the week


Seder plate

Eliyahus cup


Ask Your Child

How many Seders do we have?

Sing me a Pesach song!

What is the story of Passover? Why do we celebrate it? What does it mean?

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