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Honoring Mom and Dad!

Week 7 we learned all about honoring our parents and showing them respect always. We know when our parents ask us to do something we should say ok and do it right away.

We started Monday with an awesome rainbow experiment. We set it up and we were excited to watch it develop throughout the day!

Tuesday we used watercolors and oil to make beautiful rainbows and experiment with mixing colors.

Wednesday we loved painting and making a door hangers for our parents because we love them so much and know that when they are sleeping we should let them rest.

We also enjoyed a special visit from Mr. Science where we learned all about Density. We used cubes in a stem challenge and put together our own lava lamps! We know that density helps make it move!

Thursday we had fun making, baking, and especially eating yummy muffins.

Friday we had a nice time celebrating Shabbat. We made challah and sang songs and had a great time exercising with Coach Anthony.

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