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G-d's Beautiful World

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We had a fabulous week learning more about G-d's beautiful world.

We know on day 4 Hashem (G-d) made the sun, moon, stars, and planets. We loved using sparkly stars and creating space.

We know day 5 was focused on Hashem's creation of fish and birds. We spoke about different animals that can fly and swim.

Day 6 brought us the animals and people.

We loved learning Aleph Bet this week. We focused on the letter Bet.

On Tuesday we did bowling Bet. The children rolled a ball and tried to knock down the Bet bowling bottles. We also did Bet yoga and shaped our bodies to look like the letter Bet. On Thursday we did butterfly Bets. There were different color butterflies with a Bet on them taped to the floor. We jumped, hopped, skipped from Bet to Bet. We then played a color matching game using the Bet butterflies.

Our English letter this week was B. We loved blowing bubbles, painting with balloons and having a blast with our friends.

Every Friday in addition to our Grand Shabbat party and challah baking we enjoy Playball or Tae Kwon Do with our Coach Anthony.

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