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Har Sinais!

This week has been all about getting ready for the upcoming holiday of Shavuot.

We used feathers as quills to write with ink Hebrew letters just like the sofer uses to write the Torah.

We have been painting Har Sinais, putting chia seeds to grow on the mountain, and we will continue to decorate it and watch the grass grow next week before it comes home as your beautiful centerpieces.

We learned about the artist Salvador Dali who made awesome pictures with clocks in them. We tried to do a painting with clocks as well.

We have been practicing our scissor skills and writing our names.

We practiced writing the Hebrew letter Sin in sand.

We also practiced writing the letter X with paint.

We drew still life drawings of different shapes.

We loved dancing with Morah Brittany.

Playball is always so much fun with coach Anthony.

Animaly brought a Ladybug for us to see.

Shabbat Shalom!

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