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Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah! We have been celebrating Chanukah all week together.

We’ve peeled and grated potatoes and fried yummy latkes in oil.

We mixed and made Chanukah sugar cookies which we decorated ourselves.

We also mixed and poured to create a yummy dreidel shaped waffle!

We’ve been spinning the dreidels, singing all the songs, and enjoying all the get-togethers with our families! Kita Gimmel made a Chanukah Musical, Kita Bet 1 and 2 sang and danced on stage, and the Nook and our Kita Aleph classes enjoyed a Chanukah sing along.

We all loved frosting huge Chanukah cookies together and eating latkes, doughnuts, and cookies at our Chanukah parties afterwards.

A special thank you to Erica for frying all the fresh latkes and doughnuts for us!!!

We hope you all have a wonderful week continuing the celebrations with your families. We look forward to seeing you all in 2023 for more Burbank Preschool fun!

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