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Happy Birthday Israel!

What a fantastic week we had celebrating Israel’s birthday!

We pretended to board an El Al flight and go straight to Israel!

We each got a passport and visited so many fun places there, learning about our special Holy land, Israel.

We know people come from all over the world to Yerushalayim to visit the Kotel and write letters to Hashem. We painted a Kotel and made our own letters and put them in the Kotel ourselves.

We visited Gush Etzion and picked fresh vegetables and made a delicious Israeli salad.

We squeezed from oranges from Yaffa and made our own orange juice that was super tasty.

We loved creating our one of a kind jewelry pieces in Tzfat!

We visited the Kneset and we painted crowns with kachol and Lavan.

We all got our face painted with blue and white flags too!

In preparation for Mother's Day, we worked on special one of a kind creations this week.

We painted a canvas, collaged pictures and stickers and we talked about all the things we love about our moms. The theme was butterfly's becuase Mom's make our hearts flutter.

We made pink Challah with our Moms and know this is one of the most special mitzvot just for women.

Thank you moms for coming and celebrating Shabbat party with us! We love you!

Good Shabbos and Happy Mothers Day!

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