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Fall is in the Air

We're excited to get ready for Thanksgiving celebrations with our loved ones.

We have been busy cutting, painting and spray painting leaves for our Thanksgiving mural.

We have been discussing our gratitude and appreciation to Hashem for the beautiful world that we live in. As Jews, we value this daily! Every morning we express our gratitude by saying Modeh Ani "I thank you" and recognize the little blessings bestowed upon us by Hashem. We say Todah Hashem every single day.

The children had a blast “stuffing” toy turkeys with Pom Pom balls using large tweezers.

We played a fun game of "pin the tail on the turkey" while counting the feathers.

We did a science experiment with corn in a jar and we made it dance. We practiced shucking corn too!

Our letters for this week are the letter Dd, and the Hebrew letter Daled.The children had a creative time stomping toy dinosaurs in paint.

And stomping their dinosaur feet on the ground!

We had so much fun making dino tracks in playdough.

We explored the letter by placing dots on our Daled and used a magnetic wand to form the letter.

We found the D’s in our alphabet slime!

Yoga with Ms. Ace is always a favorite.

We enjoyed meeting a new animal friend with Animaly.

Our Fridays are always special as we come together for our big Shabbat Party and then bake Challah in our classrooms. We are looking forward to another week of Thanksgiving fun!

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