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Dreidel Spinning!

See the Dreidel Spin, Nun, Gimmel, Hay, Shin!

We have been spinning dreidels all different ways this week. We put dreidels in paint, we spun our bodies as dreidels, and we painted big dreidels too!

We are practicing for our Chanukah party songs and we know the whole story! We discussed fire safety this week and we know Menorahs are beautiful and need to be watched while they burn.

We painted our own Menorahs for our Chanukah cards!

We got to take pictures with a huge Menorah as well!

We have had so much fun finishing up our Chanukah projects and they look fantastic!

We even made very special Chanukah treats, donuts in jars!

We celebrated a birthday in Kita bet 1 and had lots of cake!

This week we enjoyed dancing with Morah Brittany.

Playball was so much fun with Coach Anthony!

Animaly came and brought a bearded dragon for us to see. It might just be our favourite animal now!

We look forward to making Chanukah treats next week and celebrating together with our parents and our friends. We celebrated Shabbat party together by making challah and singing outside with our whole BJP family.

Happy Chanukah and Shabbat Shalom!

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