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Dads Rock!

We had so much fun this week talking about our dads! We loved making time to share all we love about our dads for Dads doughnuts!

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We made a special Tic tac toe game we can play at home together. We hope you enjoy the coffee and doughnuts and take time to celebrate you!

We put on our suit and tie and pretended to go to work in the office just like our dads do! Whew! What hard work!

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We have been busy learning all about Purim. We saw a real Megillah! We know the material it is written on is called parchment and comes from an animal. We know it is handwritten from a man called a sofer. It is so special and he uses special ink and a quill, just like he does when writing the real Torah or the mezuzot! We even painted made our own Megillah cover!

We have been learning the story of Queen Esther! We have been singing the songs and telling the story with puppets. We know Queen Esther was so brave and helped save the Jewish people from wicked Haman! We also know that she was so beautiful so we had a lot of fun making beauty potions with our sensory play this week.

We have been making graggers we will use on Purim when we tell the story. We know we shake the graggers when Haman's name is mentioned so we drown out his name!

All week we have been painting, building and playing while turning our classrooms into Shushan Town.

Words of the Week





Ask Your Child

Who writes a Megillah and how?

How many times do we listen to the Megillah on Purim?

Who are the people in the Purim story? Tell us about them!

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