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Chanukah Sameach!

We’ve had a wonderful time getting ready for Chanukah!

We colored, mixed and gathered our favorite materials, then we separated them into little glass jars to create our menorahs.

We used alcohol ink to decorate our beautiful acrylic base.

We counted out our 8 jars and glued them on and made sure to include our Shamash for the 9th.

We know the menorah in the Beit Hamikdosh had 7 candles and we added lights for all 8 nights.

We got a little messy decorating our boxes but they turned out so beautiful.

We hope you enjoy the menorah and it brings joy and light into your homes this holiday season!

We were so excited to get together for our Chanukah zoom night! It was beautiful to be able to see all our friends at their homes lighting the menorah, spinning dreidels and playing games together.

We loved being able to experience the first night together! We look forward to next week when we will continue to celebrate together in class. Here is our BJP Chanukah video for you to watch and share!

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Yehudah Macabee


How do we celebrate Chanukah?

What do we eat on Chanukah?

Where do we put our menorahs to light?

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