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Chanukah Preparations!

We are just so excited for Chanukah!

We have been busy this week making our wood menorahs.

We have been gluing rocks and pebbles and deciding where we want the candle holders.

We have been working to improve our fine motor skills this week by Squishing Chanukah slime.

We've been wrapping candles in yarn.

We've been sorting through Chanukah items in our sensory bins.

We know the story of Antiochus the mean king and how he destroyed the Beit Hamikdash. So we have been painting and even building our own Beit Hamikdoshim in our classrooms. We spoke about hiding in caves to learn Torah and always doing mitzvot.

We love to sing and dance and practice for our Chanukah party. And we enjoyed our music time with Morah Robin

Animaly brought two parakeets! They were so adorable and we got to learn so much about them!

We had so much fun doing yoga this week!

We've been enjoying our outdoor playtime even with the cooler weather!

Shabbat Shalom!

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