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Chanukah, Oh Chanukah!

What an awesome week learning about Chanukah and getting ready for the festival of lights.

We have been busy creating our very own menorahs!

We decorated dreidels.

We had a blast spinning dreidels while learning all about the incredible miracles of the oil and the strength of the mighty Macabees. We also sorted dreidels!

We had so much fun creating costumes for our BJP Chanukah Family Celebration!

We made a beautiful Chanukah card inspired by the stained glass works of the Jewish artist Marc Chagall.

The letter of this week was the letter Gg. We put Gems in playdoh!

The Hebrew letter of the week was the letter Zayin. We played with zippers and discussed zig zagging letter Zayin.

We loved Yoga with Ms Ace!

We loved meeting a new friend with Animaly.

We always enjoy ending our week with a grand Shabbat party and challah baking.

Shabbat Shalom! We are so excited for Chanukah. 6 more days!

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