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Chanukah Lights

We've been enjoying celebrating Chanukah together this week.

We focused on learning about fire safety because all of our homes have additional fire in them this Chanukah week.

We had an awesome visit from the Burbank Department. We loved hearing from the firefighters about how to stay safe in our homes.

We got an opportunity to squirt water from the hose, and watch as the firefighter put on his protective gear and clothing.

In honor of the miracle of oil, we peeled and grated potatoes and then fried yummy latkes!

We frosted and made delicious sufganiyot too!

We decorated and baked Chanukah shaped stained glass cookies inspired by Marc Chagall. 

We loved trying to make oil out of olives, which we crushed with mallets.

For science, we played with water and oil and watched the olive oil rise to the top. Even when we swirled it, the oil didn't mix with the water and that was super cool to see!

We lit the Menorah and then drew our own Menorah portraits!

We focused on the letter Ii and explored ice sculptures. We took pipettes of colored water and salt and watched tunnels of color deepen in the ice. It was magical.

We spoke about the Hebrew letter Tet and made stripes on our tiger's tail Tet. 

We know that candles are made from wax and crayons are made from wax. We enjoyed crayon patterning.

We enjoyed yoga with Ms. Ace.

We loved meeting our new animal with Animaly.

We always love ending our week with a grand Shabbos Party together and challah baking in our classrooms.

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