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Chag Purim Sameach!

Chag Purim, Chag Purim! What a blast we’ve had celebrating Purim this week!

We had so much fun singing songs and reading stories! We all loved dressing up with crazy hats, pajamas and wild hair.

We used ingredients including flour, sugar, eggs and jam to bake Hamantashen! Delish!

We worked on finishing our Megillah stories and decorating and creating Mishloach Manot packages.

This week we focused on the 4 Mitzvot we do on Purim. We know we hear the Megillah 2x. Once at night and once during the day.

We know we dress up in costumes and give out gift baskets to our friends.

We celebrate with family and friends and have a big Purim seudah, meal.

We also know during this joyous time of celebration we always remember to give Tzedakah (charity) to make sure all the people have what they need.

The most exciting visitors came this week! We learned in the story of the Megillah how Mordechai the Tzaddik was taken for a ride on a horse through the palace for doing a Mitzvah and saving the kings life. We all got to ride on horses through our BJP Palace just like Mordechai! We do mitzvot every day too!

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Celebrating Purim together and wearing our favorite costumes at BJP this week has been a blast!

We are excited to celebrate Purim tonight with our families. Purim Sameach!

Words of the Week

Mishloach Manos (gift baskets)




Ask Your Child

What are the Mitzvot of Purim? How many are there?

What do we do to celebrate Purim?

Tell me the story of the Megillah?

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