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Happy Birthday Israel!

Updated: May 20

We had a fantastic week celebrating Israel’s birthday! Thank you to all the moms and dads who came and helped facilitate our “trip” around Israel.

We squeezed orange juice in Haifa.

We made jewelry in Tzfat.

We wrote notes for the Kotel in Jerusalem.

We made our own hummus.

We cut up vegetables for our Israeli salad in Tel Aviv.

And received passports to place stickers on all our travel adventures.

We focused on completing our end-of-the-year Alef Bet project by making salt dough, creating balls, and then flattening them to press the Alef Bet letters in.

We are busy working on our art auction and are thrilled to be creating large canvases together. We've been painting and using our creativity to produce museum-worthy art!

We counted gems 1-49 to Har Sinai.

We enjoyed lavendar sensory play.

We had so much fun on a nature walk and enjoyed the summer weather!

We had a blast in yoga with Ms. Ace.

We met a new animal in Animaly.

We ended our week with a grand Shabbat party and challah baking!

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