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Camp Gan Israel Burbank Week 4

Camp Gan Israel Session 2 kicked off with a blast.

We launched into our weekly theme of Kosher.

Why do we want Kosher? How do we know if something is Kosher are just as few of the questions we explored this week. With the help of David & Jen Schwartz, CGI learned about the process of turning cucumbers into pickles through a hands-on PICKLE making workshop. Each child went home went home with their own jar of delicious pickles.

We also had the time of our lives on the ginormous moon-bounce water slide.

Swimming all week in our mini pools always keeps us cool.

Science exploration this week was learning about rain clouds. We watched the water trickle down and now we have a whole new understanding of what the sky actually looks like when it rains.

Tuesday started with a pass around the parcel circle. The children unwrapped as long as the music was going and when it stopped they got to on rapper layer and discover what prize awaited them.

Science Center taught us about ancient civilizations of the Mayans. The children interacted and especially loved the outdoor starfish aquarium.

The children practiced weather broadcasting and learned about televised production.

Wednesday was ice painting. Mimi and Baby Izzy loved exploring the texture of the ice paints.

CGI painted kosher symbols with their ice paints.

Moving along, Thursday we explored another art medium and salt painted.

We enjoyed the sea breeze at Mother's beach. We dug in the sand and swam in the sea. It was a weekly highlight.

Friday we celebrated with our outdoor Shabbat party and Challah making.

We made individual rainbow kabobs. It was fun to organize the fruit in patterns and even more delicious to eat it.

Shabbat Shalom!

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