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Ancestry & Technicolor Colors

This week, we enjoyed reviewing all about our Jewish ancestors. We know that the 12 tribes were given separate pieces of the land of Israel. We learned about Yosef receiving a special coat of many colors, and we conducted an experiment with milk, dish soap, and watercolors.

We discussed how people in ancient times didn’t have modern transportation; they either walked or rode camels, but today we have cars.

We worked on our math skills by using vehicles to match numbers into parking spots.

We continued our salt dough Alef Bet project

We focused on the Hebrew letter Kuf and explored the mystery bags for the matching sound.

We sponge-painted our own Kandinsky-inspired artworks.

We imagined what it would be like if we were president and created our own versions of the American flag with Stars and Stripes representing the letter S.

We enjoyed Yoga with Ms. Ace.

We met a chameleon in honor of Purim with Animaly!

We always look forward to our school-wide Shabbat party and challah bake Fridays.

We're excited about next week when we begin learning about the upcoming holiday of Purim!

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