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Rivkah & the Camels!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We learned all about Yitzchak and Rivka.

We discussed how in the days of Avraham there was little transportation in comparison to what we have today. We had huge box cars to play around in our class room and we made our own mini box cars as well.

We beaded our own jewelry just like Yitzchak gave Rivka lots of jewelry when they married.

We learned how Yitzchak grew blind as he got older and we explored this blindness through doing a blindfolded taste test.

Eliezer knew Rivka would be the perfect wife for Yitzchak when hew saw how kind she was feeding the camels at the well. We practiced taking care of our own camels and bringing them to water.

We are in the month of January and it is cold and we are learning all the different things we can do to keep our bodies healthy. We even made our own healthy body collages to show what we learned about keeping our bodies healthy!

Music and dancing is so much fun with Morah Robin and Morah Brittany.

Animaly brought a tarantula! We were a bit scared of it at first, but then we warmed up to it and had so much fun playing with it and learning all about it!

We celebrated Solomon's birthday in Kita Aleph!

Shabbat Shalom!

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