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Discovery Course! We Discovered that class was a blast!

Monday we used our feet, animals and little people to make tracks! We walked in paint, used shaving cream to make footprints, and had a stomping good time.

Tuesday was a track full of fun! We took cars and wheels and used paint to create. We loved using a ramp to watch the cars zoom down. We also used ping pong balls as “wheels” to roll around with straws.

The Explorers went to Verdugo park and had a picnic.

Wednesday we made beautiful key chains, bracelets and necklaces with beads.

We loved having a kitchen chemistry class with Mr. Science where we watched colored milk move and made finger paint from items we can find in our kitchen!

Thursday was delish when we made dessert sushi!

The Explorers went to Griffith park for pony rides and enjoyed a picnic park lunch.

Friday we love when we celebrate Shabbat together with singing, challah baking, and yummy treats we made.

We also celebrated Mati's second birthday this week at school and had a blast!

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