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We are Back!

We had a wonderful couple of days transitioning back to school!

We had a smooth transition for our students and enjoyed meeting you all at our staggered orientation day on Wednesday, September 2nd. It was a great opportunity to meet your child and show them around our school classrooms!

We loved welcoming you to school this week and we are so excited to begin another fantastic year together filled with laughter, love and learning.

A week in Review

We jumped right into the Hebrew month of Elul. We learned about how a Shofar comes from a ram and we know they are the ram's antlers and they are cut (just like our nails get cut) to do a mitzvah for Rosh Hashana.

We know that the sound of the Shofar goes toot toot toot. It is loud and wakes us up to do mitzvot (good deeds).

We discussed school rules and came up with some of our own. We read so many books, but one of our favorites was "No Rules for Michael" where Michael learns how important rules are to keep us safe.

We spoke about our masks and our hand washing/sanitizing policies. We know how important it is to keep our germs to ourselves to keep everyone healthy. We are grateful to be back in school and we are having a blast together.

In the Nook, we celebrated Arielle's first birthday. Her class loved the mini cupcakes and singing happy birthday to her.

We all enjoyed Shabbat Party with music and songs! We loved eating our Challah and drinking grape juice. We each made our OWN Challah today. Hooray!

Words of the Week:





Rosh Hashanah

Ask Your Child:

What are some good rules to have at home?

What animal does a Shofar come from?

Why do we blow the Shofar?

Shabbat Shalom!

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