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Treat Other People the Way You Want to be Treated!

Week 5 of camp was a blast! This week we focused on the golden rule, treat other people the way you want to be treated! We learned from Rabbi Akiva the importance of this mitzvah. We know how to be a real friend and make sure we are thoughtful and caring to their needs, and always listen to their words and rectify if there is a problem.

Monday all of our friends used teamwork to make ice paintings.

On Tuesday we went on a nature scavenger hunt and walked to collect leaves, twigs and flower petals to collage.

The Explorers went on a nature hunt in Ralph Foy park.

We always enjoy swimming with our friends.

Wednesday we had Mr. Science here and we loved learning about creepy, crawly insects.

We also used shapes to create a beautiful Israel inspired art piece.

Thursday was so tasty cutting fruit and making smoothies.

The Explorers had a great trip to the Griffith Park Train rides!

Friday we all love getting ready for Shabbat and enjoyed baking challah, having our grand Shabbos party and making edible snowmen treats! We love spending time together and singing songs together in the am. We have also been working hard on our Play ball skills with Coach Anthony.

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