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Spreading Seeds of Kindness!

Our second week of camp went with a “Big Bang.” We splished and splashed and kept our entire body hydrated with an enormous water slide. It was harder than it looks climbing up but we are always up for a challenge and the children were ecstatic when they reached the very top and sliding down with speed.

Our volcano experiment was a great success. Seeing the children’s excitement as they observed the changes and reaction of the ingredients fusing together made it a super successful experience.

Creating a sensory bag with paints and shaving cream was a big hit. The children chose what paint color they would like to add in the bag along with the shaving cream. We mixed all the ingredients in a ziplock bag and made sure it’s sealed well before rolling and squeezing the bag with both hands. The children loved the way the sensory bags felt soft and squishy.

Our sand box is another squishy and slimy but sooo much fun sensory activity. We are filling it with water and manipulating sand with our hands, pouring, digging and just loving the sensory feel of it sticky and wet.

We used colored tissue paper and glue to create an amazing work of art. Some children used their hands to tear the tissue paper into small pieces while others used scissors. They then glue the pieces on paper and what a sticky fun project it was. Golf ball painting was also added to our fun art day. The children rolled the golf ball in a bin with paints and observed the paints take its form to secondary and tertiary colors.

Cooking projects are one of our specialties. On Thursday, we made marvelous vegan muffins. We all helped gather the ingredients such as olive oil, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, and almond milk. We then measured the amount needed in a bowl, and mixed it all together. It was a yummy treat to have for a snack!

This week, we learned about how Gd teaches us and wants us to be kind to others. The children came up with their own thoughts and ideas on how to be kind such as helping others in need, using kind words, giving hugs, sharing, and listening to others. These are ways of spreading our kindness all around!

CGI campers were quite busy this week. Besides getting involved and having lots of fun with all of the activities listed on the calendar, they also added balloon popping game, melting crayons, creating shrinky dinks, and making yummy popsicles to help them cool down. The children also went on a few trips. First stop, is scooter jungle where the children had a blast jumping and bouncing on gigantic jumpers. Second, swimming at the large pool that has an amazing water slide at Verdugo park. Lastly, going on a pony ride. We had the most amazing time!

Yay Friday! The children created towers with toothpicks along with other materials such as play dough, glue or sand to keep it steady and strong.

We celebrated Shabbat Party all together in the Shul. We sang lots of Shabbat songs. We made challah and learned how to braid our challah with the help of our Morahs.



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