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Spread Light!

This week we added lots of color into our classrooms and spread light for all! We can spread light by bringing happiness and joy to others and ourselves. We had such a colorful and fun last week, we will miss camp so much but we cannot wait for our new school year to begin!

We had so much fun mixing colors and experimenting to see what new colors we can create. We learned what colors we can use to make all our favorite like purple and orange!

We made our very own slime in all different colors. It was fun to make but even more fun to play with, it felt so gooey in our hands!

We used salt to create fun shapes and filled it in with lots and lots of color to create our unique salt painting.

We had some very yummy pizza on Thursday but it was even more delicious because we made it ourselves!

We ran, jumped and played our way through our very own obstacle course Coach Anthony built for us.

We had a very fun last Shabbat Party today with all of our friends. We davened, sang and danced all morning!

We had such a beautiful summer with you and cannot wait to see you again in the fall!

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