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Spread Jewish Pride!

Welcome to session 3 of Camp Gan Israel Burbank!

On Monday, we observed different types of materials sink and float in sensory bins full of water. We watched rocks, seashells and buttons sink to the bottom while the corks, pom poms, and wood beads floated on the top.

Yay more sensory activity! We placed rice in bins and added watercolor paints, mixed it together with a spoon and added loose parts materials and measuring cups for more interactive fun.

Wednesday was a full day of fun! First, we made foot prints on butcher paper using tempera paints. It was quite slippery stepping on trays full of paint, so we held on tight on our Morahs hand. What a dynamic way to paint!

Our science teacher, Maga Manoa and ourselves experimented with ingredients such as vinegar, dish soap, baking soda and water. Once we added all the ingredients together, we observed a bubbly eruption of fun. It almost hit the ceiling in the Shul!

Yummy, yummy treat! We made rice crispy treats with gooey marshmallows and had for an afternoon snack. It was a sweet, sticky delicious treat!

Coach Anthony taught us how to balance a bean bag on our head and our foot. He also showed us how to toss a bean bag and a tennis ball on a specific spot and catch it with both hands. What a sporty event!

We had a special visit from Shannon's Iguana! We loved meeting him!

This entire week, we daven together in the Shul. When we daven everyday, we show Gd our respect and how thankful we are. It’s also a very special time to connect and communicate with Gd. We daven so we can always remember to thank Gd for protecting us day and night, for providing us with what we need, for keeping us safe and healthy! We had a delightful and joyous time during our Shabbat party. We thank Hashem for giving us another opportunity to sing songs, dance and celebrate and love making Challah for Shabbat!

We wish you all a superb weekend!

Shabbat Shalom!

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