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"Pesach, Pesach what do you see?"

We we have been enjoying singing and learning all about the upcoming holiday of our Exodus from Mitzrayim.

We have been exploring the different foods on the Seder plate. We made crunchy Matzah, dipped Romaine lettuce in salt water, and we made homemade charoset.

We had a blast banging our hammers to mash the apples, nuts and grape juice. We created a very tasty charoset! We made matzahs too!

We are working on the finishing touches of our Pesach bags and Seder plates. We used water color to decorate our Matzah bags. They are so colorful and beautiful!

We used acrylic paint to make beautiful kiddush cups inspired by the pointillism used by the artist Georges Seurat.

We are excited to use them at our Seder! We are looking forward to searching for the afikomen too and are very excited to have our Model Seders next week so we’re Pesach ready!

Words of the Week


Beitza (Egg)


Eliyahu Hanavi

Ask Your Child

Who comes to drink wine at our house?

What do we hide at the Seder?

How do you make charoset?

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