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Pesach is coming!

Bang bang bang your hammers low! Pesach is coming and we are already singing and learning about the holiday of our freedom!

We have been busy making our classrooms feel like the Pesach story! We have been painting triangle pyramids, using charcoal to draw pyramids, and learning about our Exodus from Egypt (Mitzrayim).

We have been preparing our Haggadah and celebrating Moshe.

We practiced taking care of our baby Moshe.

"Where is baby Moshe, where is baby Moshe, he's in the river Nile!"

We sheared sheep with shaving cream to remember how Moshe took such good care of his sheep.

We learned the story about Moshe asking mean Pharoh to let my people go! We know Hashem made Moshe's staff turn into a snake to show Pharaoh he meant business. We loved squishing our colorful spaghetti snakes.

We know Hashem made so many miracles to get us out of slavery. We discussed the hard work they had to do as slaves and what it means to be free.

Words of the week






Ask Your Child

Tell me about mean Pharaoh.

What happened in Mitzrayim (Egypt)?

What were some of the miracles Hashem did?

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