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All about Avraham!

This week we are learning all about Avraham. We know that Avraham went on a quest to discover Hashem and the true meaning of life. We discussed with the children how Avraham questioned where things came from and how things worked which led him to travel to the dessert in search of answers and truth. While on his journey Avraham met his wife Sara.

We traveled by foot just like Avraham did many years ago and painted with our feet.

We know Avraham traveled by foot and by camel...

And today we travel by cars, planes and trains!

Avraham and Sara believed strongly in the act of hachnasat orchim. Which means, to honor ones guest. Avraham and Sara built a special tent with four openings rather than one in order to ensure that they wouldn’t miss seeing any travelers coming their way.

Avraham and Sara gave so much love and effort to their guests. They made sure they were comfortable, shared delicious food and even taught the guests to show gratitude to the creator Hashem for everything they enjoyed.

This week we are learning to write and recognize numbers 1-20. We are having so much fun counting and writing.

We are also practicing writing our own names!

We learned about the artists Matisse and Picasso. We loved looking at their artwork and making our own artwork. We made self portraits that are just as beautiful as us!

We had so much fun celebrating JoJo's birthday this week with big brother Issac!

We also got to celebrate Eliana's 5th birthday during our Shabbat Party!

Words of the week






How did Avraham discover Hashem?

What are different ways we can travel?

How many openings did Avraham's tent have?

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