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Seek out the Good in Everything!

Welcome to session 2 of Mini Izzy and Izzy Explorers! Week 4 was so much fun! Our theme this week was looking for the good in everything. We spoke about how if we change our perspective we can see things differently.

We played games and read stories about everything that happens comes from Hashem and learned about Gam Zu Ltova. Just because something doesn’t look good from the start we know Hashem does everything for the good. We made kaleidoscopes to look at things from a different perspective on Monday.

We also enjoyed our water slide!

Tuesday was squishing fun while we made playdoh!

The Explorers had a fun trip to Johnny Carson Park.

Wednesday we made a mosaic Star of David.

We also had a visit from Mr. Science where we were Paleontologists and dug for shark teeth and made our own fossils.

Thursday we loved mixing and making muffins!

The Explorers had a fabulous time at the Kids Space Museum!

Friday is always fun with Shabbat Party, Challah baking and making yummy edible treats.

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