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Leaning About Creation Days 3 & 4

We’ve had such a great week learning all about Day 3 and Day 4 of Creation.

Day 3

Hashem made the flowers, grass and trees on day 3.

We had fun exploring flowers and leaves. We even turned some of our leaves into beautiful paintings!

We were scientists and used scissors to cut the flowers and place them in a cup of water. We put them in the freezer and used pipettes to see how fast it would take to melt them.

We took seeds and planted them in bags with water and paper towels. Then we put them outside to watch them grow and sprout.

Day 4

One Day 4 Hashem made the sun, moon and stars. We used pine cones and toilet paper rolls with paint to create rockets.

We sang songs and counted down to blast off!

We had fun painting with Styrofoam balls as planets and we had a blast!

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Learning our Alphabet and Alef Bet

The letters for this week are the letter Bb and Ee.

We are learning the Hebrew letter Bet that makes the same sound as ball in the box.


Play time has been so much fun this week, especially because the weather has been so nice!

Words of the Week:



Blast off


Ask Your Child:

What did Hashem make on Day 3 and 4?

What sound does a bet make?

How many planets are there?

Can you name any?

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