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Kindness is in the air!

Week 6 fun! Kindness is in the air! We had a great time this week celebrating and focusing on small acts of kindness. We know the importance of giving Tzedakah and how taking care of our neighbors in need is our job. We spoke about how nice it is to give without getting anything in return.

We had a blast shooting off balloon rockets on Monday! We used balloons, string, tape, and straw to send balloons flying across our classrooms.

Tuesday we watched volcanic eruptions! We took baking soda and vinegar to create a chemical reaction.

We really loved having a special visit from Paint Pals!

Wednesday we were excited to use string, yarn and beads to create beautiful sculptures out of sticks we found on our nature walk.

We loved when Mr. Science came and we learned about how NASA sends off Rockets into space. We got to make some cool alien slime too!

Thursday was super fun with our Carnival Day. We jumped in the Moon bounce and made delicious rainbow cookies!

Friday is always fun with Shabbos Party, challah baking, and our time with Coach Anthony. We made yummy frogs on a log for our Shabbos treat too!

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