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It's Finally Summer!

We started off our wonderful summer having fun in the sun! We had a giant water slide here on Monday! We loved splashing and sliding and getting to know our groups!

We made moon sand with flour, baby oil and food coloring. We loved squishing in our own colors.

Tuesday was super fun making our own glow in the dark slime! We used clear glue, glow paint and a little borax water to make the sticky, gooey concoction.

We also enjoyed swimming! Our big camp had a blast on our trip playing in Ralph Foy park. We enjoyed having a picnic in the park followed by slurpees!

Wednesday we loved getting messy with Art! We decorated wooden frames with glow in the dark paint and highlighter markers to showcase our most important prayer the Shema. It is a custom to say Shema every day especially at night to remind us and everyone there is only 1 Hashem (G-d).

We had a special guest entertainer! A scientist to show us how to make fun experiments! We made elephant toothpaste! We also saw the explosion of bubbling of vinegar and baking soda, and made a new batch of slime!

Thursday we practiced our baking skills and made soft pretzels! They were delish! We used yeast to make the dough rise and shaped it into fun shapes! Some of us made our first letters of our name!

The big camp enjoyed a fabulous trip to the California Science Center! We saw the Space Shuttle Endeavor, saw the beautiful aquariums and touched all the sea stars and sea urchins. We got to learn about our bodies from Tess, and had a blast learning about the other exhibits as well.

Friday is always a favorite at camp! We had a beautiful Shabbat party, baked challah, we made special treats of ants on a log to eat!

We enjoyed doing Playball with Coach Anthony!

Big camp had fun swimming and celebrating Moshes 5th birthday! We watched Moshe walk around the earth with the sun 5 times, we danced and baked him a birthday cake! Mazel tov!

Looking forward to next week! Shabbat Shalom!

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