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Celebrating Our Mom!

Imma yakirah li! We love our Mommy so much! We spent the week making special gifts for our Mothers. We know in America there is one designated day to celebrate Moms and one designated day for dads, but we love and show appreciation to our parents each and every day! It even says so in the 10 commandments that we are learning about! It’s the 5th commandment, to love and honor your mother and father!

We brainstormed together how to involve the children in the jewelry making process. We used polymer clay to create our very own beads! We used our fingers to squish it, roll it and create beads and hearts that we baked to make solid. Then we added more beads and worked to create one of a kind keychains, bracelets, and necklaces.

We also had fun making and painting a matching game to play with our families with pictures of special times we shared together in class. We practiced playing in class and we are getting really good at finding our matches!

Each class chose a special flavor and made yummy muffins for our Moms to enjoy!

We painted and decorated cards and answered questions about our Mommy’s. We also painted and decorated canvas bags for the moms to take home their goodies in!

We hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and enjoy time for yourself! You blow us away!

In addition to all the Mother’s Day fun this week we celebrated our amazing teachers. Our staff were treated to so many special gifts. We enjoyed yummy coffee from Starbucks, delicious baked treats and kind bars, a scrumptious salad bar lunch with divine bourekas just to name a few! The BJP Staff really felt the love this week and know how much they are appreciated!

"It’s a gift to work at BJP and we all come to work so excited to see your adorable children! Thank you!"

Getting ready for the upcoming holiday of Shavuot still has us counting sefira and working with one on one number correspondence. We did a science experiment with white flowers and added dye to try and turn them colorful. In our experiment we learned that the blue dye turned our flowers a beautiful blue color but the red dye was not good for our flowers and they died. We are also continually feeding and watching our silkworms eat mulberry leaves and grow so big!

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Words of the week



Sefirat Haomer


Ask Your Child

What can we do to show our moms we appreciate them!?

When do we tell our moms we love them? How do we show love?

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