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Celebrating Our Holy Land, Israel!

Israel is such an amazing place with so much of our Jewish history, we loved learning a little bit about it this week.

We hopped on an El Al airplane and headed to Israel for a week of exploring and Israeli fun.

We know the holiest place in the world is Jerusalem where we can pray at the Kotel, the western wall. We painted our own Kotel in our classrooms and wrote special letters to Hashem.

We spoke about all the different cities and looked at a map to see where everything is located.

We were so happy to make our own jewelry like the artists do in Tzfat.

We decorated Israeli Flags and crowns, and we made our own chumus and fresh squeezed orange juice like they have in Tel Aviv.

We chopped our own Israeli salad with veggies we would find at the Shuk, and celebrated with a big falafel lunch in Tel Aviv. We sang songs in Hebrew and had a blast making cupcakes and cookies to celebrate!

We had so much fun celebrating Israel and eating the yummy treats we have been making all week!

We have been watching our silkworms daily! They hatched from small eggs that look like poppy seeds and are now about the size of a dime. We are feeding them Mulberry leaves and counting down until they are big enough to cocoon! Thank you for all your help getting mulberry leaves to us!

We not only got to celebrate Israel this week we also got to celebrate our friends Hannah and Aliza Mae along with Morah Aliza and wish them a very special Happy Birthday!

Words of the Week



Yam Hamelech


Ask Your Child

Where is the holiest place in the world?

What do we do at the kotel?

What colors is the Israeli flag?

What do you want to ask Hashem when you visit the Kotel?

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