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Gaze up at the stars and count them!

It’s been such a wonderful week learning all about the first Jewish man Avraham. We know Avraham was promised to have as many children as there are stars in the sky and we are one of those children.

Avraham was a small boy and knew Hashem created everything. He taught people about Hashem and we learn from him so many mitzvot like Hachnasas Orchim, Welcoming Guests. We learned all about table settings to practice setting a proper table to welcome our guests.

We discussed having play dates with our friends. We know when we invite people to our house we welcome them and offer them food and drinks.

We also learned to arrange flowers as centerpieces to make our table look beautiful when our guests arrive.

We know Gd told him to gaze up at the stars to count them. The vast number of stars represents the vast number of children that Avraham would ultimately have. We learned about all things that come from the sky like the solar system and we are working on a beautiful project that will include painting planets.

We created moon sand and moon rocks, enjoyed Galaxy play dough, and rice sensory tables.

We loved this week meeting two new specialists! We had a visit from Hello Critters who brought some beautiful goats. We got to feed them, brush them and walk them.

We also met a new music teacher named Morah Sue. She had us singing, dancing, and listening to the guitar, it was great!

We always enjoy Playball with Coach Anthony, making our own Challah's and celebrating with a Shabbat party!

Shabbat Shalom!

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