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Flowers, Ice Cream and Torah!

We’ve been having learning about Shavuot! We know the 10 commandments were given to us on Har Sinai from Hashem on Shavuot.

We spoke about the 10 commandments and we know we are keeping them already. We spoke about how the Torah has 613 mitzvot.

We know the Torah we have in Shul was written by a Sofer on special parchment from a quill and ink. We used ink and a quill to practice writing our own Hebrew letters.

We know it is customary to have dairy foods on Shavuot so we made our very own ice cream! We took all the ingredients and put them in a bag to shake shake shake!

We even got to taste our creation. It turned out delicious!

We learned all about the dairy foods we eat and know they come from a cows milk. We even got to play with and milk our own “cow”.

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We know in honor of this Torah holiday we go to shul and hear the 10 Commandments and have dairy treats!

We also got to celebrate a very special Birthday with our friend Nochum!

It has been so nice coming back to school after Shavuot. We have been enjoying our friends and discussing the great time we had going to shul hearing the 10 Commandments and eating all the dairy treats.

We are amazed watching our silkworms daily. They are all forming their cocoons now! We have loved touching and holding the worms, and now the cocoons as well. We are so excited and waiting for them to hatch into butterflies. We used yarn to wrap our egg carton painted silkworms into cocoons.

Spring is in the air! This week we went on a scavenger hunt nature walk. We looked for all things found in nature to bring back to our classrooms and create. We found flowers, twigs, and pieces of bark!

Words of the week



Har Sinai

Cholov (dairy)



Ask Your Child

What’s the name of the holiday? How do we celebrate it?

What’s your favorite dairy food?

How many commandments did Hashem give us?

How does a silkworm make a cocoon?

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