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Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

What an amazing short week we had learning all about the upcoming holiday of Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

We have been drying flowers since school began for a very special Sukkot project!

Yom Kippur & Suukot are so close together, so we continued our exploration of Yom Kippur and had fun learning about Yonah and the Whale. We did some science with Yonah on the sensory table and we hid in a whale in our classroom. It was dark, so we used flashlights to see inside the belly of the whale.

We played a Yonah magnetic fishing game nd painted the color of the ocean, shades of blue.

We had Yoga with Ace again and loved it!

We know that Sukkot is celebrated by eating in a sukkah and we had our very own mini one to play with.

We practiced shaking the lulav and etrog.

We created out very own flag to dance with on Simchat Torah and we actually danced in Chabad's Sukkah too!

We were able to see a real Torah scroll with Rabbi and found the hebrew letter our name begins with. We know Torah is so precious and we sing about it everyday!

We used play dough to create mini sukkot.

We painted with leaves like "schach", just like we put on the Sukkah and played with an Etrog (citrine) sensory bin.

We finished our very special Sukkot decorations. We mod-podged dried flowers, we strung beads to use as handles and hung the brochot and photos of ourselves holding a lulav and etrog.

We had such an AWESOME time at the ChaBBQ Parent Mixer. Thank you all for coming!

Chag Sameach!

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