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Camp Gan Israel, Kids Got Power! Week 1, 2023

We had the most fabulous first week of Camp Gan Israel Burbank.

We have 3 divisions in our camp, Baby Izzy,Mini Izzy & CGI.

Baby & Mini Izzy played in mini pools and splished and splashed in our splash pad.

CGI went to a backyard pool and the Verdugo Aquatic Center & and had an amazing time.

On Tuesday, we had a moonbounce waterslide. It was huge and so much fun!

We made Rainbow cookies and they were delicious.

On Wednesday, we made the gooiest slimiest slime that we squished and squashed.

Thursday we did yarn art. Some of us glued yarn…

…while others used yarn to create a painted masterpiece.

CGI went to Sky Zone and jumped galore.

We also made made edible tzedakah boxes!

Friday we had a HUGE Shabbat party, shaped Challah

We also made heavenly banana splits.

Shabbat Shalom!

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