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Enjoying our last few days together in BJP!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

This week we have had a blast enjoying the California warm weather with water and sand play fun!

We have been bringing in recycled products and created some awesome recyclable sculptures.

We used highlighters to make Andy Warhol Art.

We love the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and our Nook friends had a blast matching letters to the tree.

Nefesh and Neshama have been practicing for graduation. We have been singing and preparing for this big milestone. We miss them already!

We love watching the Silkworm butterflies that hatched! We are able to hold them and watch them lay eggs in front of our very eyes. It’s amazing to think that just a few months ago we started the process with those sesame seed sized eggs that have completed a full life cycle. We loved holding the cocoons and we cut one open after it hatched to see the chrysalis and Pupa inside. Super cool! We know when the farmers use the cocoons to make silk they boil the cocoon and stretch out the silk to make all our silk clothing. Whenever we wear silk we need to thank the silkworm!

Words of week


Silkworm moth



Ask Your Child

What happened to the silkworms?

Tell me how the lifecycle of the silkworm works?

What do you love most about BJP?

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