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Noach and the Ark!

What a beautiful week we had learning all about Noach and the Teva(ark).

We explored all things water and rain .

We had a blast playing with animals in our Teva. We loved the huge Teva Morah Mara made for us! We used our puppets to play inside.

We made animal tracks in paint and explored the different animals.

We decorated wooden Popsicle stick Tevas and tried to make our own arks.

We loved mixing colors and painting rainbows.

We used the spinner to create rainbows too!

We sang the Noach songs and read many stories and had a great week!

We loved stretching with Ms Ace in Yoga.

We always have such a blast with playball!

We enjoyed baking challah and celebrating Shabbat together!

Shabbat Shalom!

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