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The Year Flew By!

We only have 10 more days left of this unprecedented year. A year of extreme clarity in priorities and a year of gratefulness beyond comparison. This week we took advantage of this time and just had fun!

We made bubble paint art, puffy paint, and used watercolors.

We did Auction Art and had so much fun doing group art on canvases.

We continued our Shavuot learning and spoke about the Mitzvot we do from the 10 Commandments and read about the story about Honoring our moms and dads. We read stories about being a mentsch and how we should behave at home and away from school. We also read about the story of Rus and how she was such a special girl because she took good care of her mother in law and was so modest.

We spoke about Memorial Day and we are so grateful to all the people that stood up for our country and protected us. We send prayers out to those in Israel and know Hashem is watching over our land and keeping our families abroad safe.

We wish you a wonderful long weekend and look forward to seeing all the grown ups at the BJP Auction Wednesday night. It is the best night of the year for our school and you if you haven’t been before you don’t want to miss this one!

Words of the Week

Auction Art

Kiddush Hashem

Kibud Av V'eim


Ask Your Child

What is Kibud Av V'Eim?

How can you honor your mom and dad?

What art is your favorite for the auction?

How do you act like a mentsch in public?

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