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Thankful and Grateful!

This week we focused on being Thankful and Grateful. We know the month of November brings the holiday of Thanksgiving, a time when we celebrate America and discuss appreciation of our family, friends, and foods we eat.

We at BJP know this is done daily. Ask the children when we say thank you and they know we thank Hashem every morning with the Modeh Ani song. We say thank you every time we eat by making brochas on our food, and we show appreciation and gratitude to our families by all the mitzvah notes we read daily.

We have had fun this week using mirrors and working on our self portraits.

We also enjoyed learning the letters of the week in Hebrew and English, and writing about what we’re especially thankful for.

Our Hebrew letter this week was Daled Drill. We loved using the electric drill as a paint brush and creating fun art.

For our English alphabet this week we learned about the letter E. We did a fun experiment with Eggs.

We always love ending our week with a coach Anthony in Playball and making challah and having a grand Shabbos party!

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