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Thank You Hashem for BJP!

We are so thankful that we get to come to school every day and explore new things with our friends and Morahs.

We are all so excited to start welcoming our families to our outdoor celebration!

This week we have been fine tuning our Thanksgiving creations and preparing for our celebration.

We used our fine motor skills beading wires with acorns, cinnamon sticks, dried fruit and fall inspired colors.

We have created crowns to wear with fall colored feathers and loved working with the sticky glue.

We also got our hands sticky making our very own turkeys!

We have been singing and gobbling like turkeys all week.

We really had a blast getting a visit from Animaly when they brought a real live turkey to visit.

We learned about the turkey and where it lives and what it eats. We know a male turkey is called a Tom and he’s the only one that can actually gobble, females don't.

We absolutely love our new swings! They have made our outside playtime so much fun!

We had so many very special birthdays this week! We wished a big Happy Birthday to Idan, Zev, Ramona and Hadasa!

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Ask Your Child

How did you make your crown and card?

What color was the turkey that came to visit your school?

What does a turkey say?

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