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Love Your Fellow Like Yourself

It’s been a great week learning about Lag B'Omer.

We know Rabbi Akiva was 40 years old when he decided he must learn Torah and learn the Alef Bet. He saw water dripping and creating a hole into a rock and realized if he learns a little bit everyday, he too can learn if he keeps at it. We used pipettes to drip water into rocks to see if we too can make a hole.

We read books this week from the Author Mo Willems. Pigeon Goes to School.

We created the letter V using twigs and even made other letters too!.

We also focused on the Hebrew letter Reish and created rainbows.

We are learning about Shavuot and know that Hashem gave us a present (the TORAH!) and we practiced wrapping presents like the Torah is our present for Shavuot.

We loved dancing with Morah Brittany!

We did Playball with Coach Anthony.

We got to meet a bunny with Animaly!

Making Challah bread for Shabbat is so much fun!

We have been practicing all of our Aleph Bet!

Shabbat Shalom!

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