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Dad's Doughnuts

Thank you all for coming to celebrate our Dads this week.

Dad's Doughnuts was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our dads or loved one and make memories together.

We know you will enjoy the name plaques, the small boxes and hammers we painted, and the card questionnaire we painted and filled out.

We built pretend dougnuts.

And had lots of giggles while we played with our big yummy doughnut.

This week, we enjoyed talking about our families. We used play dough to create faces of our different family members.

We used small people to count and discuss our families.

We loved conducting a science experiment making snowstorms.

We learned a lot while sorting money.

We got creative as we did monet art.

Our focus this week was on the letter "Pp," and we enjoyed a pajama party!

We painted with puffy paints and observed how the special paint mixture dried to a puffy texture.

Our Hebrew letter for the week was Ayin, and we practiced sewing Ayins using safety needles and thread.

We enjoyed music with Morah Robyn.

We had a blast in Playball with Coach Anthony.

We ended our week with a beautiful Shabbat party with our loved ones.

Shabbat Shalom!

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