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Celebrating Presidents & The Land of the Free!

In honor of President's Day this week, we learned all about Presidents, sang the Pledge of Allegiance and discussed our American Flag. We know different countries have different Presidents, leaders, and flags.

We know the Presidents are so special they are on our money. We sorted, counted, and learned about how much each coin is worth.

The Hebrew word for charity is tzedakah. Tzedek, (the root word of tzedekah) means justice.

We learned that giving charity is an essential part of living a just life. We painted our own tzedakah boxes and practiced giving charity daily.

We did a penny science experiment with ketchup, vinegar, salt and soda.

We wrote predictions about which one we thought would get the penny's the most clean and loved scrubbing away the dirt to see the penny's polished.

We made slime and used tweezers, strengthening our fine motor skills, to search for coins in our slime.

We learned about George Washington, who was our first President. We know Abraham Lincoln ensured that all slaves would be free throughout the nation. We made our own Presidential portraits. We loved using top hats, cotton balls, bow ties and mustaches to create our own George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

We learned that Abraham Lincoln was 6'4", SO TALL! We traced a volunteer dad in BJP on a huge piece of butcher paper and measured ourselves against it to see how tall we are!

We discussed what it would be like to be a President and what our focus would be.

Kandinsky was a famous artist known for circular motion art, just like coins are round. We used rulers to make straight lines so we would have designated boxes. Then we painted colorful round shapes to create our own Kandinsky inspired art.

Our letters for the week are letter S, X and final nun in Hebrew.

For final nun we KNIT our own circular shapes.

Happy Birthday Meaghan! We love you! We loved celebrating with you at our Shabbat circle.

Shabbat Shalom!

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